Why Physiotec

For Physical Therapists

  • Patients Love it.
  • Offers a wide range of videos/pictures exercises.
  • Precise searching.
  • Well organized exercises.
  • Friendly and available customer service.
  • Flexibility / Customizability.
  • Send programs by email.
  • Add your own exercises with videos.
  • Integrated with clinic's website.
  • Integrated with EMR / Clinic management software.

For Patients

  • View Online videos of each exercise of their home exercise program.
  • Get on board on the proposed treatment and see benefits.
  • Access to their HEP on Smart Phones, Tablets and computers of all kinds.
  • Better execute specific movements the first time by watching videos which lowers the risk of injuring themselves.
  • More motivated and better compliance to HEP.
  • Clear hand-outs with Professional studio pictures and clear written instructions.
  • Print lost programs themselves.


  • Send programs by email
  • Customize email sent
  • Send program with your email tool or directly from Physiotec
  • Print program in 6 different formats
  • Set an expiration date for each online program if desired
  • Create pre-made templates
  • Use more 100 Physiotec pre-made template
  • Customize templates for each patient
  • Progress patient home exercise program
  • Assign a patient's HEP to another patient
  • Add your own videos and pictures or request us to do it for you
  • Customize Instructions and the exercise
  • Name and save it under your profile... edit it once!
  • Ability to mirror the model from left to right
  • Swap pictures from beginning to end
  • Multi location settings
  • Corporate protocols
  • Retrieve password if lost
  • Save program as PDF for EMR
  • Print a summary page for paper chart
  • Search exercises by key words
  • Search exercises by check boxes
  • Clone existing Physiotec exercises
  • Work in different languages
  • Send programs and instructions in patient's language: Spanish, English and French
  • Manage/create users (professionals) within the clinic/Hospital
  • Pause access to users
  • Delete users

Integrated with EMR software

Save time working with integrated software. Physiotec is smartly integrated with more than 25 EMR, HER, Clinic management software and more.

What is the integration about?

It allows Physical Therapists to create the HEP through integrated systems(EMR/HER/Etc.) and attaches a PDF in the patient's medical records.

With the intuitive and well-designed Physiotec application it's easy to incorporate the application into your everyday exercise prescriptions.

Simply access your account online or through your integrated system, specify exercises you are looking for, assign them to a client, send and print it.

Physiotec's friendly support team offers unlimited online in-services to therapists that like to be assisted and showed how things work.

Patients have access to both clear printed handouts with photos and instructions describing the exercises as well as a professional online video demonstrating each exercise.

Access to online videos educate patients how to do the exercises properly without your supervision. It lowers the risks of hurting themselves caused by not doing the exercises properly.

Online access Motivates patients to comply with home exercise programs. Now they know and remember what to do and how to do it. Patients are able to print their program themselves if they lose the hand out.

List of integrated software

Clinic Master

We strive to provide clinics across the country a powerful and user-friendly software that enables them to efficiently increase profitability, expand clientele base and exposure. It empowers you to control all aspects of your business from direct marketing campaigns to useful and precise statistical reports.

Our unique "Client Web Portal" allows your patients to fill out intake forms, have access to their therapist's schedule, book appointments online, view their account history in the comfort of their homes. We have also developped a "Professional Web Portal", fully confidential with no data stored on the Web. Therapists will be able to chart on their own time using Electronic SOAP notes, view future appointments, fill in different forms and even create custom exercise programs through Physiotec which is fully integrated in Clinicmaster. Interested in learning why we are the biggest Canadian provider? Visit Link - www.clinicmaster.com and view our demo today.


Practice Perfect EMR + Management software

An all-in-one practice management software solution designed for any Canadian or American rehabilitation practice. Includes client demographics, billing, scheduling, clinical documentation and practice growth tools. No up-front costs, no long-term contracts. Integrate with Physiotec! Easily create outstanding home exercise programs for your clients directly from Practice Perfect. Physiotec has been an outstanding integration partner, adding substantial value to our Practice Perfect offering. Several hundred of our Practice Perfect clinics have chosen Physiotec as their home exercise program of-choice and now enjoy a seamless connection between the two software solutions. We have witnessed the features and benefits of Physiotec grow exponentially over the years and look forward to further EMR integration in the years ahead!



A2C Medical

Clinic Controller: Therapy is an integrated system for EHR, scheduling, billing, documentation, and reporting. A2C Medical has been delivering Clinic Controller since 2001 to owners who are serious about managing their clinics. Clinic Controller is kept on the forefront of innovation, from the 5010, to PQRS, to ICD-10 and beyond. The integration with Physiotec enables the quick-access of patient exercise programs without having to re-enter demographic data. Exercise programs are also able to be saved to the patient's case seamlessly, so they can become a part of the permanent patient record.



TM2 Practice Management Solutions A Strategic Partner of Physio First, TM2 Practice Management Software is all about giving you the flexibility to do what you do best - delivering the best possible care to your patients. It is built using the very latest technologies, so it's easy to use, secure and packed full of innovative features including our revolutionary clinical notes, online bookings portal, intuitive diary, finances, automated billing and much more.

TM2 works for clinics of all sizes so whether you are a single practitioner or own a number of clinics, it will deliver information that's accurate, relphysiotecnt and timely.

TM2 also integrates with Physiotec. At the click of a button, it will automatically transfer your patients details into the Physiotec system so you can seamlessly continue your patients treatment.

If you would like to find out more about how TM2 can transform your business, call the TM2 team on 0044 2890 998697 or mailto: salesuk@insidetm2.com




By utilising the latest technologies Preori have developed My Practice into a powerful, fully integrated solution that gives you complete control over the running of your clinic.

From a single practitioner to multi-site clinics, the system can be networked to match the size of your practice.

Clinical note taking is made easy by providing innovative interactive charts and diagrams and shortcuts to standard phrases and protocols.

Sophisticated reporting allows you to utilise your database by analysing and presenting vital information such as credit control, financial performance, outcome measurements and marketing trends.

Automated SMS and email appointment reminders, online diaries and bookings are also available.

You can even send invoices electronically, direct to the major providers.

If you are thinking of going computerised for the first time or are not happy with your current software then please give us a call or go online to book a demonstration.


Raintree Systems Inc

Raintree Systems Inc, offers a fully integrated and certified documentation, billing, scheduling and practice management software solution for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Pathology.

Raintree Therapy Rehab Plus meets CMS Claims-Based Therapy Outcome Reporting Requirements.

The Raintree Systems' EMR module is fast and easy to use. All clinical encounters are complete with detailed narratives, can be done in just a few minutes. Providers can quickly document patient care-even on tablet PCs using "point and click" features and drop-down menus. Documents and letters can be e-mailed or e-faxed directly to the referring and participating physician's right from the program. Raintree Systems has been in business since 1983 and has more than 2,500 clinics utilizing its software.


PPS Software

PPS is one great product with many ways to use it - currently used by more than 8000 practitioners and staff across more than 2600 clinics looking after millions of patient records in the UK and around the world.

PPS has all the quick and easy essentials like managing client, diary, accounts and clinical data, plus the option to automate the sending of E-mails and SMS messages, and a whole lot more! Couple this with the ease of accessing your system from anywhere on any device, it's easy to see why PPS is the UK's leading patient and practice administration software package.

In addition, the software allows direct integration to the Physiotec web-face from the consultation screen. This gives practitioners the opportunity to record and track exercises given to patients direct from their clinical notes.



Vega is a software for the paramedical professions, chartered SESAM-Vitale. It provides all the features needed to manage a Medical practice: management of patient base, calendar, billing, data transmission, accounting. Over 32,000 users work daily with Vega. Integrating Physiotec for physiotherapists is a definite asset.

Practitioners can access all the exercises with one click and provide them to their patients very easily. Saves time in the daily practice of their profession!


PT Practice Pro

"PT Practice Pro offers a web based system that integrates billing, scheduling, reporting and clinical documentation into an all-in-one EMR / practice management suite inspired by a simple but elegant vision for success: Automation, Intelligence and Compliance."



WebPT is the leading EMR on the market for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists. Simple and affordable, WebPT makes it easy for you to transition from paper and outdated software to a user-friendly, cloud-based solution.

With WebPT, everyone in your office-therapists, directors, and front office staff alike-can safely and securely access patients' medical records, anywhere, anytime, from any web-enabled device. And in addition to the best in digital documentation, you'll also have access to state-of-the-art tools and services, including built-in compliance prompts and alerts, practice management reporting, scheduling, billing, and-through our amazing partnership with Physiotec-a multi-media, emailable home exercise program with thousands of videos, photos, and drawings to help you achieve greatness in practice.

Based in Phoenix, WebPT has a 99.9% uptime rate and a 99.5% customer retention rate. See why more than 29,000 therapists trust WebPT; schedule your complimentary demo today.



Since 2005, Therabill has offered a secure, HIPAA/HITECH compliant, web-based therapy billing solution, fully integrated with scheduling and free EMR, for sole providers and multi-site locations. Submit claims electronically, manage insurance and client billing/payments, create documentation templates and reports from any computer with internet access. A recent integration with Physiotec now enables Physical Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists to create a Home Exercise Program using Physiotec that is imported directly into a Therabill Member's account and linked to their Client's medical record.

The Therabill logic to bring it all together' has been extended beyond billing, scheduling and EMR to include this Physiotec enhancement, once again a design by therapists for therapists.

Take advantage of the 30 day free trial or schedule a demonstration of the Therabill solution today. Therabill: Simple, Integrated, Online Billing.



Practicepal is a quality practice management package which is easy to use and very advanced. Offering you a complete set of tools whether you are an independent practitioner a multi discipline clinic or a multi site group and all at incredible value.

Setting the standard for on demand practice management software Practicepal remains the trend setter. Genuinely 100% web based you can access it from any location, anytime and manage all aspects of your clinic business from virtually any device.

We pride ourselves on developing our own software in response to customer feedback and thinking about what our clients want. It runs the way you've told us it should and you have the essential tools to successfully run your practice.

This is why when it comes to helping your patients we have linked our system to PhysioTec giving you ease of access for your patients to the latest exercise programmes.


Presagia Sports

Presagia Sports is a secure web-based and mobile-accessible Athlete Electronic Health Record (EHR) and concussion assessment system that centralizes athlete health data including injuries and illnesses, treatments, surgeries, and medications. It includes an integrated mobile SCAT3, the world-class concussion assessment tool, to guide athletic trainers and other medical professionals through the SCAT3 process via their smartphones and tablets. Presagia Sports also provides real-time reporting and communication tools to connect the medical team in support of collaborative healthcare.

Integrated with Physiotec, Presagia Sports enables sports medicine professionals to better engage athletes with interactive exercise and rehabilitation programs by providing instant access to all of the Physiotec exercise programs prescribed for an athlete. Users can view the details of any exercise program and launch Physiotec to modify the program or watch the videos.

Visit our website or contact us for more information and to schedule a demo.





Integrated Patient Portal

Benefit from having your patients accessing their home exercise program through your clinic's website. Each program sent to your patient is a link to your website. Patients can easily view their custom made HEP through your clinic website than spend time on your website and know more about different services you may offer.

This integration is beneficial to:

Increase professionalism drive massive traffic on your website grow popularity (SEO) of your website so it's easier to find when searching for service you provide.

How do you set this up?

Our web developers will manage setting this up with your website developers. It's simple and straight forward and should take them less than 20 minutes.

If you don't have web a developer,we'll take care of it for you!Our developer will set it up at no cost. We'll just need the proper access.